2009 Awardees

  1. Daniel Bennett, B Ed/Music, Canberra
  2. Isla Boocock, B Comm. W’gong
  3. Melissa Brien, BA/Dip Ed. W’gong
  4. Benjamin Buckley, B Biotechnology, W’gong
  5. John Donegan, apprentice plumb/gasfitting
  6. Anthony Franzi, B. Info. Tech.. ANU
  7. Remy Graham-Throssell, BA Hist/Eng. ANU
  8. Kelly McNeill, B Comm/Econ. NSW
  9. Brodie Melrose, BA Bus./Events Mgt, Macquarie
  10. Samantha Richards, BA Urban Plan, Canberra
  11. Ken Thomas, trainee, TOCAL Ag College

Grants are presented at a public dinner and photos are taken of each awardee, and the current ones are framed and hung on the Batemans Bay Youth Foundation Wall at the Soldiers Club

Previous Awardees

Daniel Bennett Isla Boocock Melissa Brien

Daniel Bennett
B Ed/Music, Canberra

Isla Boocock
B Comm. W’gong

Melissa Brien
BA/Dip Ed. W’gong

Benjamin Buckley John Donegan Anthony Franzi

Benjamin Buckley
B Biotechnology, W’gong


John Donegan
Apprentice plumb/gasfitting

Anthony Franzi
B. Info. Tech. ANU

Remy Graham-Throssell Kelly McNeill Brodie Melrose

Remy Graham-Throssell
BA Hist/ Eng. ANU

Kelly McNeill
B Comm/Econ. NSW

Brodie Melrose
BA Bus./Events Mgt, Macquarie

Samantha Richards Ken Thomas  

Samantha Richards
BA Urban Plan, Canberra

Ken Thomas
trainee, TOCAL Ag College