2015 Awardees

Grants are presented at a public dinner and photos are taken of each awardee, and the current ones are framed and hung on the Batemans Bay Youth Foundation Wall at the Soldiers Club

Previous Awardees

Adam Inchley Aleister Burgun Amelia McCaul

Adam Inchley
B. Engineering, NSW

Aleister Burgun
BA History, ANU

Amelia McCaul
B. Science, ANU

Danielle Jones Dominic Tegart Jack Foster

Danielle Jones
B. Nursing, Canberra

Dominic Tegart
B. Health/Phys.Ed, Wollongong

Jack Foster
B.Philosophy, ANU

Kira Milliken Nicholas Bandur Oliver Rodwell

Kira Milliken
BA Psychology, Sydney

Nicholas Bandur
BSc/Chemistry, Canberra

Oliver Rodwell
B. Engineering, Wollongong

Page Connaughton Rebecca Richards Sam Henshaw

Page Connaughton
B. Media, Canberra

Rebecca Richards
B. Int Studies/Media, Wollongong

Sam Henshaw
B.Maths/Mech. Eng., Wollongong