Selection of Awardees/Application Form

The Grants Application Form and Information for All Applicants (click to download) are distributed in September each year to schools and other suitable locations. Advertisements are also placed in the press and the Chairman visits schools and colleges to ensure that students are aware that applications for grants close on 30 November.

The Application Form requires details of family finances, school results, aspirations, interests, course to be studied and preferred tertiary institution.

Any student whose normal place of residence is in the area that is bounded by North Durras (north), Nelligen (west) and the Moruya River (south) and who is completing his or her secondary education (whether year 12 or earlier) or is pursuing an apprenticeship or traineeship, is eligible to apply if it is their intention to undertake in the following year:

As noted in the Information for All Applicants, applications are considered by a Selection Committee on the basis of:

The scores from each Committee member are averaged and a panel of 3 is appointed to conduct interviews. By this method awards for the year are determined, the number being in accordance with funds available.

Applications for study grants close on 30 November each year. Applications for apprenticeship/traineeship grants may be lodged throughout the year.

Students undertaking a GAP YEAR are eligible to apply for a grant in the year immediately prior to recommencing studies.

Applications may be completed and submitted on-line (now preferred) or by downloading and scanning the form below and submitting it to the Foundation by email.