Casey Evans Jennifer May Celeste Reid

Casey Evans
BA/B.Comms. & Media, Uni. of Wollongong

Jennifer May
B. Laws/BA Languages, ditto

Celeste Reid
B.Visual Arts & Design, ditto

Emily Kinnane Chris Allison John Rodwell

Emily Kinnane
B. Exercise Science, ditto

Chris Allison
B.Comp Sc – Cyber Sec, ditto

John Rodwell
Carpentry Apprentice, Tafe Moruya

Kye Oxley Harry Hadley Alexander Filmer

Kye Oxley
BSc Physics/Maths, Sydney University

Harry Hadley
B. Contemp. Music, Conservatory of Music

Alexander Filmer
B. Med Rad. Science, Charles Sturt, Wagga

Jasmin Fuller Leon Katsanis Meg McCallum

Jasmin Fuller
B.Nursing/Paramedicine, ACU Canberra

Leon Katsanis

Meg McCallum
BSc Psychology, ANU

Olivia Faletoese

Olivia Faletoese
B.Music/B. Statistics, ANU

Grant Awards Dinner

Grants are presented at a public dinner which serves as a good publicity occasion for the Foundation, and each awardee receives a certificate as well as the cheque. Grants are payable in two tranches, the first at the Grants Dinner, the second after receiving reports on the completion of the first semester.

Photos are taken of each awardee, and the current ones are framed and hung on the Batemans Bay Youth Foundation Wall at the Soldiers Club. The photos are also reproduced as a full page presentation of the local newspapers.